LGH-Logo-BW_webWhy a Lighthouse Logo?

One could argue that the lonely lighthouse is a vastly overused symbol. Everyone from law firms, architecture firms, churches, real estate offices, and film companies use a lighthouse for their logos. So why use it for LossGriefHope?

Because it is just too darn perfect.

A lighthouse is a perfect symbol because it symbolizes both the goals of the website as well as the experience of bereavement.

How a lighthouse symbolizes the goals of LossGriefHope.com:


  • Provide information
  • Guide people to safety
  • Remind you that others have been this way before
  • Provide light in the darkness
  • Remind you to slow down and pay attention
  • Lead you home

Lighthouses represent the experience of the bereaved because:

  • Lighthouses are solitary and stand alone – and at some point you will feel alone in your grief
  • Lighthouses are resilient in the face of storms and difficult conditions
  • Lighthouses guide others – just as you may eventually guide another bereaved person

I hope you’ll find the information on LossGriefHope.com to be helpful and comforting. I’d hate to not live up to the proud tradition of lighthouses.


About the Logo

The lighthouse logo was created by Erinn Luke 

Amazing pictures of lighthouses – Coming Soon!